Grand Slam of the Bloggersphere

The only Grand Slam I know is the tennis Grand Slam – the big four tournaments that if a tennis player wins them in the same year they have achieved a Grand Slam and win pot loads of money.

When I was a young and impressionable teenager I took up tennis. Impressed by the cute (oh, how young and naive I was in those days, what was I thinking?) John McEnroe I decided that I wanted to become a professional tennis player so that I could meet him.

We lived across the road from a tennis club so it was easy enough to join. My folks forked our for private lessons with a cute Greek tennis coach (are you starting to see a pattern here?) by the name of Nolly.

I had the cute short tennis dress and the white Pony tennis shoes and a racket that was way to big for me. I soon realised that I wasn’t cut out for tennis – I lacked the upper body strength to serve strongly and precisely although I was rather good at volleys close to the net – go figure! If I’d carried on with tennis I would’ve enjoyed playing doubles.

My dreams of becoming a professional tennis player came to an embarrassing end when I fainted in front of cute Nolly during a tennis lesson. That was not the kind of impression I wanted to leave with the young man so in embarrassment, I never returned to tennis lessons. So no tennis Grand Slams for me.

This is my fourth post of the day, so I have a strong suspicion that I have reached a blogging Grand Slam today.

Post #1 – Strong enough to float a horseshoe on.

Post # 2 – Well, I never…

Post #3 – Look at what’s on top of the yoghurts…

And this one is the Grand Slam!

I hope you’ve enjoyed… 🙂

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