Practice Makes Perfect

Today's prompt invites me to tell you about a talent I'd love to have… but don’t.

That’s easy! I would love to be able to write interesting and funny posts in response to the WordPress daily writing prompt.

On the fly.

In between getting home from work and dinnertime, which is about 60 minutes.

The other day I wrote a post I was rather happy with, and that one took four hours to write. Four hours! It’s this one.

How long does it take you to write a decent post you’d be happy to show everyone?


6 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect”

  1. Every time I see the daily post prompts I always draw a blank in ,my mind that is the reason I am always behind. However when I do decide to have a go ideas just flow from nowhere then I write usually it takes me 30 minutes to write a post I guess that is why my posts are not great.
    I admire you Regina for taking time thinking what you want to write which justifies the time you take, I want to believe that is a sign of a proper writer so I would encourage you on that path because that is what makes your posts good reading.

  2. It depends. Sometimes the words just flow but end up in a direction I hadn’t anticipated. Sometimes in a way I like or don’t. But generally, a 30 minute writing comes once in awhile. Usually longer.

    1. When I pre-judge what I am going to write then I end up with nothing but a blank screen. I also tend to write in a hurry which is not great.
      I think that you write so well, good posts with good structure and a logical wise outcome. How do you do it?

  3. There, my friend, we share the same talent we crave for.

    To me, I think it depends on how passionate I am about the post. When I write because I’m forced to because I haven’t posted in a long time, it all rainbows of writer block. But I can get a pretty satisfying post in a short amount of time when I’m really passionate to get the idea in words.


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