#3 Mount Grace by reginamartins.com

#WednesdayWindows 3: Mount Grace

Behind those windows is a cozy restaurant looking over the beautiful Magaliesberg valley.

If you find yourself at the Mount Grace Resort and Spa, get to breakfast early so that you can secure one of the tables by these windows.

#3 Mount Grace by reginamartins.com
Mount Grace

Middle-of-the-week creativity slump? This is the third Wednesday  Windows feature.

I will be posting a photo of windows (the ones you look out of, not the ones that are prefixed by the word “Microsoft”) every Wednesday. I seem to take a lot of them wherever I go, so it must count as a fascination or maybe just plain obsession.

As you can see this is by no means a professionally run weekly feature or challenge. I’m doing it to indulge my fascination, so if you have one too, please do join.

You are welcome to join in the feature – there is no theme other than “windows”. If you do join leave the link to your post in the comments below.

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