Microblog Mondays 43: Pet Public Peeve

Mel ended her Microblog Monday post with the following question:

“What are your pet peeves in public spaces?”

Mine has to be drinking in public. I don’t do it and I don’t like other people around me doing it (restaurants don’t count, off course).

Let me be more specific – I’m talking about drinking in public at music concerts and sports events.

I don’t feel comfortable around people who drink because people invariably drink too much.

I remember a wonderful Euro 2004 in Portugal – Heineken was the drinks supplier and they sold a non-alcoholic beer. This did not make the event less successful or enjoyable. Tickets were sold out for all matches so the fact that there was no alcohol on sale did not affect it one bit.

So why aren’t all music concerts and sports events alcohol-free? It must be because the margins on booze are so high that it makes business sense for the alcohol suppliers.

That’s my two-cents worth on this Microblog Monday.

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