Weekend Coffee Share: Father’s Day Edition

americanoIf we were having coffee I’d order an Americano – I’ve developed a taste for this with a drop of milk – yum. I had the most delicious one at Father’s Day lunch today.

Che and I slept in only a bit today because of Father’s Day. After much phoning around yesterday (yes, I know, booking for Father’s Day lunch at the last minute is leaving much to chance) I found a place that was not yet fully booked.  As usual it was fantastic being with family.

If we were having coffee I would first want to know about your week before telling you about mine. I took photos as I went along so let us scroll through my phone and I will tell you the story behind each one.

This week was a short one with Youth Day being a public holiday on Tuesday the 16th. Because I have just started working at a new place I did not take the Monday off to make it a long weekend. Many people did though, lucky them. Next time…

If we were having coffee I would tell you about the granny squares I am crochet’ing for Mandela Day. The company I work for is putting together blankets to give to the needy in honour of Nelson Mandela on the day of his birth, the 18th of July. All the squares will be sewn together into blankets.

Granny squaresI found a video on YouTube showing how these are made and this is the result so far. They are not particularly neat or perfectly straight, but hey, considering that I did not know how to make them a month ago they are not bad. I can crochet a square in about 30 minutes.

If we were having coffee we would marvel at how beautiful the Winter sunsets are, just like the sunrises. sunset I stopped at the petrol station on Wednesday night and as the tank was filling I could not resist taking this pic. As I stood in the forecourt snapping away one of the attendants came up behind me and looked over my shoulder at what I captured and complimented me on the photo.

If we were having coffee I would tell you all about Thursday’s Alberton Toastmasters meeting. This was the Induction Dinner where the new committee was formally inducted into their roles for the new toastmasters year starting in July. I was the Toastmaster of the Evening. I am not a particularly funny person, Che is the funny one in the family. My take on this evening was to ask everyone to imagine that we were planting a tree together – The Toastmasters Tree, from the roots up (the values) to the leaves (the teachings of toastmasters) that if nurtured and watered well give rise to the fruits of toastmasters (for example, self-confidence). I wish I had come up with this myself. I took inspiration from Agile Coach, Lyssa Adkin’s High Performance Tree.  I will be doing this with the teams I am coaching right now and thought it was great to use it within the context of Toastmasters as a practice run.

If we were having coffee we would talk about the fire evacuation from the office building on Friday. I was in a workshop when all of a sudden a loud pre-recorded voice said “Fire in the building, please make your way to the exit immediately”. Normally these are drills and never the real thing, until now. So we sauntered out of the building (no smoke in evidence) laughing that it was probably a fire drill…Until we got to the ground floor and saw the fire trucks! And realised that it was the real thing! Main and Mooi Roads in the CBD were blocked off, police all over the place and about a thousand people were led to a safe area a couple of blocks away. And this is what we saw…S.M.O.K.E.! You know the old adage of where there’s smoke….?IMG_6634One of the buildings in the precinct was the cause of the evacuation. About an hour later we returned to the buildings. I took pics of an old derelict building (to be posted on another day) and off-course, of the red fire trucks (also to be posted later).

If we were having coffee we would probably end off now and wish each other an awesome week ahead.

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Until next week! 



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    1. I think I’m hooked (no pun intended) and want to tackle a bigger blanket after the one for Mandela Day.

      Thank you for coming on by here!

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