My Comic Book Moment

Today, WordPress invites us to Fill in the blank … Three people walk into a bar…and…? Didn’t they SEE the bar before they walked into it?

At face value this prompt reminds me of the joke which starts like this: “Three people walk into a bar…”. If you’re expecting more then I’m going to disappoint you. I don’t remember jokes. I love them, laugh at them, am terrible at telling them and even worse at remembering them! Unlike Che who’s a veritable joke teller.

I feel like being facetious and fill in the blank as follows:

Three people walk into a bar, bonk their heads and fall onto the floor. Didn’t they see the bar before they walked into it?

That’s not very exciting is it?

I am reminded however, of the time that I walked into a bar myself. Well actually it was a pole. It was my comic book moment.

It was all done to catch a boy’s attention. Well, I surely did but not in the way that I wanted.

The story goes as follows…

Girl had a crush on an oh so cute boy. Since they went to different schools, the girl didn’t get to see the boy very often. In fact, she only saw him when she went past his school, except she was on a bus driving past.

The girl didn’t know if the boy liked her. In fact, she didn’t even know if he knew she existed at all! But the girl was hopeful that if she just managed to catch his attention, that he would notice her and fall head-over-heels in love with her.

That was the plan.

So the girl decided to get off her bus outside the boy’s school and sashay down the pavement as the boy’s school bus went past.

The girl sashayed past the boy’s school, and anxious to ensure that she was sashaying as his bus went past (sashaying is tiring business), she occasionally looked over her shoulder to see when the boy’s bus was coming.

Finally, the boy’s bus drove past the sashaying girl. At that moment, because the sashaying girl was looking over her shoulder to see if the bus was coming, she sashayed right into a light-pole.

Not the way she wanted, but the girl certainly got the attention of the boy (and the other boys on the bus) – but not for the reason she wanted. She never saw him again. In fact, she wasn’t even sure if he was actually on the bus.

(Based on a true story).

Well, there you have it! My comic book moment. What’s your coming book moment :-)?


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