Weekend Coffee Share: Making Yoghurt, And Other Random Things

I missed our coffee date last weekend. It was a busy weekend and I simply ran out of time. There is not much to catch up from the previous week because nothing much happened. Nothing blog-worthy at least.

So let’s move to our coffee date this weekend and have a delicious cup of coffee. I must admit that I drank a lot of it this past week.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that on the blogging front I did ok – I managed to blog every day except for Wednesday. Or was it Thursday? I made up for it by doing two posts on Friday.

Friday is always WordPress’s weekly photo challenge. My writing this week was around the WordPress daily prompt. I don’t always find it easy to be inspired by them but I decided to try anyway. I was fine with the results.

It’s so funny to see how different bloggers respond to the prompt. I love how Zombie Flamingos responds to the prompt in avoidance of the prompt. And Chronicles of an Angloswiss always manages to come up with entertaining, funny, and well written posts day after day. Now that’s creativity I wish I had.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you all about the Alberton Toastmasters meeting I went to on Thursday evening. I am back to attending regularly. I evaluated a CC8 speech all about the usage of visual aids, right up my street.

If we were having coffee, the rest of the time would be about you because I don’t have much more to say. Things are slowing down, perhaps it’s the winter weather coming on.

I will continue writing in response to WordPress’ daily prompt until I find a new blogging challenge to participate in.

Oh, before I forget…I made my own yoghurt last weekend. I made it plain, and it smelt and tasted delicious. So Che and I make our own bread, and now yoghurt. I want to make my own mozzarella cheese next. I want to know that what goes into our food is as fresh and healthy as possible. We already cook as naturally as possible and have minimal processed stuff. Whole-foods is the way to go.

I hope that you enjoyed our coffee date. See you next week!

Have a great week ahead.

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Making Yoghurt, And Other Random Things”

  1. Hi Regina, congrats on making yoghurt! I just made some chocolate an hour ago. It seems much harder to “get right” than I thought it would be, but chocolate is chocolate..and I’ll eat it any way. Did you say winter is coming?? So thankful summer is finally here. Nice chatting with you. 🙂 Shelah

    1. Thanks Barbara. I never thought yoghurt was something I’d ever tackle. I think I surprised myself, and I was amazed at how easy it was to make.

  2. Good For you making your own yogurt and cheese. Not sure I could do something like that. We do try to stay away from too much “processed” stuff – as best we can anyway.

    1. Thanks Tena! The yogurt making was surprisingly easier than I thought. Provided the right temperature is present it pretty much makes itself 🙂

  3. Thanks for mentioning my blog! I love reading your Daily Posts. I’m not sure how creative I am avoiding the prompts, whereas you always find a story to tell. Sounds like you made some delicious yoghurt – I can hardly wait to find out how the cheese making went (I love cheese!!) Have a great week!
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