Victor Masondo and Thembi Mtshali (

What to do when you don’t post daily for NaBloPoMo

What to do, what to do…when you miss posting daily for NaBloPoMo? Create a weekend mash-up of all the prompts off-course…preferably around a theme, like the Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

Now, I don’t advocate not posting daily, because why else would you have signed up for NaBloPoMo if you weren’t going to post daily, right?

You know the story about the best-laid plans? Well, it was exactly that…no excuses though. If I’d posted daily last week then you wouldn’t be reading this post because I wouldn’t have written it.

Enjoy it and do leave me a comment :-).

May 5th – My style (of music)

Many people wouldn’t call his style of music, Jazz, but I do so love the fusion of different styles with a Jazz undertone.  Jitsvinger’s (real name is Quintin Goliath) music is so very compelling. It’s Afrikaans mixed with English hip-hop mixed with Jazz and social commentary. He’s a writer and a poet, a composer and an educator, a musician.  For me he was the discovery of the festival.

Jitsvinger aka Quinton Goliath (
Jitsvinger aka Quinton Goliath


May 6th – My love (of Jazz collaborations)

A highlight for me was seeing Victor Masondo and Friends on stage. I enjoy it when different successful musicians in their own right, collaborate on stage. The lady in red is none other than South African actress, playwright and singer, Thembi Mtshali. I loved seeing the respect they had for each other. The playfulness with which they performed brought us, the audience, into their act. It felt like they were playing in my lounge and looked like they were having so much fun, it was infectious.

Victor Masondo (
Victor Masondo
Victor Masondo and Thembi Mtshali (
Victor Masondo and Thembi Mtshali


May 7th – My time (at Jazz festivals)

My dream is to travel the world attenting all the Jazz festivals I have heard so much about – the North Sea Jazz Festival, the Montreux Jazz Fest and the New Orleans Jazz Fest to name but a few.

Mannenberg Stage at the Cape Town International Jazz Fest (
Mannenberg Stage at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival


May 8th – Focus (of musicians)

When you get a bunch of Jazz musicians on stage, each of which is famous and successful in their own right, it’s a thing of wonder to see the focus with which they play. It’s as if each is playing alone but they make fantastic music together like the Wallace Roney Quintet Ft Lenny White (on drums) and Buster Williams (on bass).

Wallace Roney Quintet Ft Lenny White and Buster Williams

(photos taken with iPhone 6 Plus)



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