Weekend Coffee Share: 21 days to a new habit

If we were having coffee…hmmm…yes, if we were having coffee I’d tell you that this week I started my new job.

That pretty much sums it up.

I’m bedding down a new routine – getting to work by 8am. You are  probably very surprised at this because I usually start late and end late.

I want to try this early routine so that I have time for gym and yoga after work. This will suit me well because I will go to these classes as I wait for the traffic to subside. I will still get home at the same time, the difference being that I now can fit in gym and yoga.

So this new routine involves getting up at 5am to leave home at 6am to be at work at 8am. You know how-not-a-morning-person I am. So, this new routine is taking time – 21 days so conventional wisdom goes, to start a new habit.

If we were having coffee I’d say that I did one blog post during the week, and caught up on all the NaBloPoMo posting today – I even did a Weekend Mash-Up around a theme to catch up on all of them in one go. Clever hey?

This is a short discussion from my side so you’d have to do all the talking.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: 21 days to a new habit”

  1. It’s smart to use that time you’d be in traffic for something more productive! My parents would always stay late at work (past 6, usually) in order to avoid rush hour.
    Sabina recently posted…Forces of NatureMy Profile

    1. I listen to audio books or CDs. Sometimes I’m not in the mood for them though and the radio is just too jarring, so I travel in silence during these times. Each year the traffic gets worse. Often there is no logical or observable reason for the traffic congestion.

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