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WordPress Weekly Photo: Motion – Afternoon at the Flying Field

Last Saturday was a warm Highveld afternoon, the wind was minimal, and my brother and family set off to the flying field. He’s a F3A radio control aerobatics champion and loses no opportunity to practice his craft. This time though, it was for fun. With this week’s theme in mind I went along to capture some pics.

The conditions for photography were relatively ok, lots of cloud about, minimal glare even though it was early to mid afternoon. I wondered if I’d capture anything useful.

My boetie flew beautifully. Some other pilots didn’t fare so well. There were three wipe-outs, one very nearly hit me even though I was well back where the spectators are supposed to be. Two of the planes were smashed to smithereens. The third one, a bi-plane, lost a wheel on landing and flipped over onto the grass. Luckily it wasn’t damaged – the pilot put the wheel on again and was soon back in the air.

(Click on the images to enlarge).

Propeller movement…

Motion RC aeroplane propeller

Taking off…

RC aerobatics plane taking off

Coming in to land…

RC aerobatics plane landing Rui Martins

The challenge this week - share your photographs that have captured motion, and tell us the stories behind the images.


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