A to Z Challenge: G is for General Speeches

We have a tradition in the team I work in – each time someone leaves the team there is a farewell lunch where every person has to say a few words to the person leaving. The person leaving also delivers a speech about each member of the team. It started informally and each time someone left it was something the team did. So now it is somewhat of a tradition and on the 17th it is my turn. This time I am the one leaving so I have told the rest of the team that this is their opportunity to say how amazing and awesome I am 🙂 !

There are many opportunities to give general talks and speeches. Without knowing it we do these several times a day. Each time we pitch an idea to someone, negotiate or explain something to another person or group – this is a general speech.

These are useful points to remember when preparing and delivering such a speech or talk, whether formally or informally:

  • Ensure that the points are well thought out
  • Be familiar with the subject through experience and…or through research
  • Express the points with conviction
  • Before speaking ensure that you are clear about your goal and your outcome – what do you want the listener to do (consider the opinion, do some action, make a decision – there are many)
  • Ask yourself what the relevance is to the listener or audience.

This is about expressing your opinion – you have some “airtime”. The listener or audience are setting time aside to listen to you. Make it count.

Come back tomorrow for H is for Hecklers (dealing with that rowdy part of the audience, sometimes they are there).

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