Weekendcoffeeshare: Following my Passion, Cape Town Jazz Fest and More…

Huge apologies for missing our coffee last weekend. I had absolutely no Wi-Fi  on holiday and blogging on the WordPress app and trying to load photos on a 3G connection…I will not try that again! Here is some lovely coffee to get us started…lots to catch up on, two weeks worth.


If we were having coffee…

…I would tell you that on the professional front things have been eventful. I listened to my heart and am following my passion. I am leaving the organisation I have been with for the past six years and joining another – I am excited to be starting on a different path, curious to see the opportunities that this will present. I am also sad to be leaving the team I have worked with for all these years, I am going to miss them and I know that some will remain in my life. I met some of my closest friends at work.

If we were having coffee…

…I would tell you all about Cape Town. Wow, where to start? Firstly I was disappointed with the Cape Town International Jazz fest.

Honestly, I did not feel I got value for my money. It is an expensive gedoente to go to the jazz. The tickets are expensive, factor in the airfare, accommodation and car hire and the total cost for two is not to be sneezed at especially with the increased petrol price and personal income tax! I felt that this year it was not Africa’s Grandest Gathering.

In previous years parking was available at the convention centre. This year it was only for VIPs and corporates. Everyone who had actually paid for their ticket had to park in the street and contend with any Tom Dick or Harry who harassed festival goers into paying for a piece of road that is public property.

Then, inside the venue there were too many no-go places for those who were not VIPs or corporates. So I felt short-changed.

So, is this festival becoming just another event for so-called VIPs and corporates? And here’s another thing…the sign outside the venue said that all tickets were sold out BUT inside there were not as many people as in previous years. Have they decreased the numbers of tickets they want to sell? I think not! Or have too many places been set aside for VIPs and corporate people who do not actually individually pay for their ticket and hence do not show up on the night because they did not feel like it because…hey…what value do you give to something you got given because of who you are rather than pay for it, right? Leaving the paying jazz lover out in the cold, literally! And figuratively.

Africa grandest gathering

In any event…

If we were having coffee…

…wow! The rest of Cape Town was magical. The weather was hot, just how I like it.  We went up Table Mountain, the first time for Che. Walked around the Bo Kaap. Spent a day in Franschoek. Che went for a walk up to the King’s Blockhouse on Devil’s Peak but because he did not have his hiking gear, only got part way up – something to complete next time we are there.

If we were having coffee…

…I would tell you about how wonderful it was to meet up with family at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock. I love the narrow roads of Woodstock.



It was chock-a-block with people, especially in the food market side. We escaped the crowds and settled on Burrata for lunch. They have been voted the Best Italian Restaurant by Eatout at the South African Restaurant Awards. I recommend most whole-heartedly the Tuna Crudo with Chickpeas – I am salivating as I write this – double yum!

If we were having coffee…

…I would wish you a Happy Easter, if you are celebrating. Until next time…

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15 thoughts on “Weekendcoffeeshare: Following my Passion, Cape Town Jazz Fest and More…”

  1. Hi you have answered my question about work, took a while but you are moving. It is to the company we were speaking about when you were here?

    Love this blog concept

    1. Hi, yes it is to the company we spoke about, and I think things finalised at the right time.
      Hey, a year ago you were in SA and you spent time with us…was thinking about you this weekend.
      Che made apple pie this time instead of the strudel.

  2. Glad you had fun in Cape Town, though sorry to hear about the festival parking. That’s always one of the issues her in NOLA–parking—so I know what you mean about the frustration.

    Also, congrats on the new opportunities and job! Hope that all goes well. 🙂
    Part Time Monster recently posted…D is for…DzunukwaMy Profile

  3. So sorry for the disappointing time at the Jazz Festival! Hoping enough disgruntled people will let their voice be heard that things will change back to accommodate the common folk more than the corps. Having to let my coffee wait until tomorrow…no caffeine after 3:00 pm CST!

  4. Sorry Regina that the festival you had so much looked forward to did not turn out as you would have wanted. however your photographs show that therewas something you got out of it. Nowadays it does seem that the things we had got used to are forever changing. The only thing isto adapt to the new trends. I do agree with you that the emphsis on VIPs can be annoying sometimes. I like the style you used to write the post , it does make one want to continue reading.
    Mabel Rudo Nyazika recently posted…NotificationMy Profile

    1. Thanks so much Mabel. Someone said that the only constant is change, can’t remember who…
      I’m going to do some posts on the parts of CT we visited, I took some lovely photos.

  5. That’s very sad that the Capetown jazz fest was such a let down. I’ve never been to a jazz festival that I haven’t enjoyed. I am a complete trad jazz freak!

    At least the rest of the trip was great.

    See you at the next coffee morning.

    1. I love traditional jazz! I want to try other jazz festivals, not too many in SA though, although the jazz scene is quite vibrant.
      I’m going to have another cup of coffee as I read through all the coffee posts now.

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