WordPress Weekly Photo: To the Lighthouse

With only an iPhone 4S for company I unsuccessfully tried to capture the beam of Swakopmund’s lighthouse. I kept the photos as a reminder of that time, not intending to post them. That is until this photo challenge theme :-), and I had an excuse a reason to do just that.

The first pic below, taken just after sunset, shows where the lighthouse is so that you are able to somewhat discern the beam – right-off-centre of the photo.swakopmund lighthouse 001

Night had fallen and the beam is barely discernible. Can you see the dot almost at the centre of the photo? Well, that’s the beam :-), promise you, it is…

swakopmund lighthouse at night

In response to WordPress's weekly photo challenge, the theme is Blur. This week, share a photo that’s a blur. You could keep your camera out of focus to achieve a blurry photo, or take a photo of something in motion. Or go in a different direction — capture an image of an experience that would otherwise be a blur, or of something in a state of flux. Click here for more interpretations of this theme.


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