A to Z Challenge: D is for Dressing Appropriately

I am not going to belabour this to the point of telling the speaker what to wear.

Below is a tick-list to go through:

  1. Who is the audience?
  2. What is the occasion?
  3. Is the press going to be there?
  4. What is the impression you want to leave the audience with?
  5. What is your role for the occasion, e.g. CEO, wedding Emcee, introducing the school band at the Christmas concert?

As a speaker you should know the answers to all of the above.

Have you ever seen Steve Jobs at a product launch? In fact pretty much anywhere? If he had ever appeared at a product launch in a suit and tie, what would the world have thought? It would have been very strange to me.

Photo of Steve Jobs from Cult of Mac (http://www.cultofmac.com/307629/7-things-steve-jobs-hated-apple-today/)

Imagine now the President at The State of the Nation address in jeans and black turtleneck?

Equally strange.

Tomorrow’s Lesson from Behind the Lectern is E for Eye Contact

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2 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: D is for Dressing Appropriately”

    1. I like feeling comfortable at home too.
      For work related presentations I dress formally because that’s what is required. I think if my work colleagues had to see me on the weekend they would not recognise me LOL!
      Thanks for telling me your thoughts.

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