#weekendcoffeeshare: Letting the cards fall…

001COFFEECUPIt’s rainy and overcast, definitely weather for cosying up indoors, so no outdoors coffee today. If we were having coffee we’d have the customary comment about the weather but only a few minutes, because there’s lots of exciting things to talk about.

First off…major excitement about the Jazz next weekend. I want to get all the packing done early this week instead of rushing around late into the night on Thursday (and often the early hours of Friday) to get this done. With all the travel I’ve done both for work and for pleasure, I have it down to a few items of clothing. I have a mental list and I have doubles of toiletries and make up, so it’s just a question of grabbing the toiletry bag and putting it into the suitcase.


If we were having coffee, I’d be animatedly telling you about the theme for the A to Z Challenge. It’s changed a few times in the last week and I finally settled on one that I am passionate about. So, the editorial calendar I told you about last week… has changed. There’s a new one!


If we were having  coffee I’d tell you that I went to a toastmasters meeting on Thursday, the first in many months. And as it’s been happening every time I visit Alberton Toastmasters and because they don’t often see me, I got picked on to do an impromptu speech. This is a 1 to 2 minute speech on a word or topic that you get given when you get called up to the lectern. I used to hate these until I realised that I didn’t need to talk about the word or topic in its literal sense. So often I take it to the abstract realm.

The topic given was “My life would be empty if…”. I kept it light and said that my life would be empty if I didn’t have my iPhone and this blog. Haha, go figure 🙂

Well actually my life would be empty if I didn’t have my family, health and freedom. To talk about each one of those would make this a deep conversation and I want to keep it light.


If we were having coffee, I will say is that this year has felt like one long frustrating wait for something.  The learning I’m taking from this frustration is to try not to control everything, throw the cards up into the air and see where they fall.  Let’s see what will be revealed… It does feel, though, that things are coming together.


If we were having coffee I’d share the quote that made me stop and think this week, by Linda Rottenberg:

At some point I started to realise that my challenges as a leader were really more internal.”  

I know this…but recently I’ve forgotten it. It’s enough for me to ponder on this for now because the alternative is to start coming up with solutions. For now I just want to see where the cards fall.

Didn’t I say that there were lots of exciting things to talk about? This has all of a sudden become serious, so I will end it here for this week.

Thanks for making it this far. Have a great week!

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