Beach cats

No matter the cat, feral or homebodies, they always look like they’re up to no good.

I came across this curious pair on a beach in Swakopmund. They are part of a colony of feral cats who have positioned their ‘home’ conveniently right next to a restaurant.

As I approached this pair they got naturally suspicious. One skittered away. The other one was reluctant to go. As I got close I saw why. She had a litter of kittens nestled amongst the rocks.

They did not look to be in good condition with swollen eyes and scrappy fur. There was a lady who looked out for them and ensured they were spayed. It appears that she has fallen ill and currently no one is looking out for them.

They certainly get scraps of food from the restaurant and in return keep the rats at bay. The community is well aware of them so I hope that someone will keep on looking out for them.


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