A humorous take on my own worse habit

Dear Regina,

Why oh why did you fall asleep on the couch! Again! Like all the nights this week. And last week. And the week before.

You know it totally totally disrupts your sleep patterns. You then drag yourself off to bed at a time when most people’s sleep clocks are thinking of coming awake. Even the rooster across the road has started crowing. Ok, maybe THAT rooster is not a good example since it crows at all times of the day. But in kids stories, it’s always the rooster and not an alarm clock app on your phone that wakes the main character up, so we’ll go with that for the purposes of this letter.

On weekdays, when you wake up, it’s already late and you rush to get to work on time, terrorising all the other drivers (who, incidentally, are probably on time), in the process.

Then half-way through the day you flake out, needing an afternoon nap!

But I know, it’s so nice to succumb on the soft cushions of the couch. It’s much better than going off to bed and lying awake, trying to fall asleep! Rather just take the opportunity presented by the couch.

Here’s an idea to get rid of this habit. I think you should just move the bed into the lounge, then there is no issue, now is there? And you could then hire out the bedroom and make some money in the process.

So here’s a note to self: stop procrastinating, get off to bed like normal people! All the neighbours are asleep, the dogs have stopped howling at the moon, and only cats roam the neighbourhood.

Yours sincerely,


8 thoughts on “A humorous take on my own worse habit”

  1. I have a very similar habit myself. My wife has taken to reminding me of the amount of time I spend sitting couch side in the evening and comparing it to a part time job.
    Did I get paid?
    Did I accomplish anything?

    It has been effective in moving me to bed earlier and at least getting a good nights sleep.

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