Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Textures

I’m having fun with this week’s theme. I don’t always enter this challenge and I felt that today I had some appropriate pics.The first one is my favourite – the bark of a palm tree in the middle of the desert in Namibia.


The mirror-like texture of our beautiful sparkling pool. Taken in the evening just as the sun slipped below the horizon, the time when everything is so still, not even the bats are out yet.


The texture of a lemon from my favourite tree in our garden – the lemon tree that blesses us with organic fruit several times a year. This tree is very patient with us as often years go by without us pruning it. One side of the tree yields the rough-skinned lemon, where the other half yields the smooth-skinned lemon. Probably the very successful result of a grafting project before we bought the house.


The metallic texture of the escalators at work. I couldn’t resist this shot because I find the never-ending quality of the stairs hypnotic. It’s more of a visual thing for me, rather than a kinaesthetic one.



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Beach cats

No matter the cat, feral or homebodies, they always look like they’re up to no good.

I came across this curious pair on a beach in Swakopmund. They are part of a colony of feral cats who have positioned their ‘home’ conveniently right next to a restaurant.

As I approached this pair they got naturally suspicious. One skittered away. The other one was reluctant to go. As I got close I saw why. She had a litter of kittens nestled amongst the rocks.

They did not look to be in good condition with swollen eyes and scrappy fur. There was a lady who looked out for them and ensured they were spayed. It appears that she has fallen ill and currently no one is looking out for them.

They certainly get scraps of food from the restaurant and in return keep the rats at bay. The community is well aware of them so I hope that someone will keep on looking out for them.


Let It Be

Everyone wants to make their mark and be noticed for it, like claiming possession of something, even if only temporarily.

I associate this with the English idiomatic expression that says “A new broom sweeps clean.” This expression is quite old – it was used by Shakespeare.

It’s all very subjective off course – if one asks the people who were there already they’ll tell you that things were clean already. The new person comes in and wants to make clean because they see it from a different perspective.

Sometimes things need to be cleaned up. And sometimes they don’t. The key is to acknowledge this and change only what needs changing, and not change something because it’s expected, or because they don’t understand it.

Someone new can make great changes because they have a new perspective, but experience is also valuable.

There is an extension to this saying, “Yes, a new broom sweeps clean, but the old one knows the corners.”

Sometime’s it’s better to just let it be.

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The rain soaked soil of our home

rainsoaked path

The storm came from the south-west, big dark clouds presaged by sudden gusts of wind. Then the rain came down, hard. Thunder boomed overhead like cannons at the start of battle. I opened the doors, wide, loving the flinty smell of the thunderstorm.

Nermal cat walked through the open door for a quick visit, and dashed under the dining room table. He’s terrified of thunder. (Note to self: when in doubt, always dash under the table. It’s safer that way and if the sky falls from above then I’ll be ok.)

Spent, the storm moved north, the thunder echoing in the distance, the booming lessening as it moved further away.

As Nermal cat ventured out from under the dining room table the smell of wet soil from the garden floated in through the open door. I closed my eyes and took a deep deep breath, glad that I’d left the doors and windows open, just so that smell would come into our home and bless it with its richness.

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