Of “Like” Buttons and Pingbacks

WordPress seems to have fixed its recent glitches with the launch of version 4.1.

I upgraded this afternoon and the “Like” button, which had mysteriously disappeared from some (not all!) posts, is miraculously back.

I’m annoyed at this glitch because on the day that my blog gets the most hits (yesterday) the “Like” button wasn’t working.  So annoying!

Anyhow, the pingbacks are working now too! And for this I am happy.

What glitches, if any, did you experience with WordPress?

8 thoughts on “Of “Like” Buttons and Pingbacks”

  1. I am trying to find the place where I can turn on the pingbacks and trackbacks on my blog. I just switched to commercial WP.com from my self-hosted WP.com (.org platform). My self-hosted blog still exists for a few more days, but I haven’t been using it, except to try to back up the files. That failed. I haven’t upgraded it to the latest version, since it will soon cease to exist. It is frustrating when things go wrong.

    1. Apologies for taking so long to reply. Have you managed to turn on the pingbacks?
      Normally by including a link in the post to the other site creates a pingback.
      It’s also available on my WP editor, I think it comes standard…
      Thank you for leaving a comment 🙂

  2. I often have formatting problems with wordpress. In general, it is a very easy way to keep a blog, but there are little things now and again that I find perplexing – i.e. what you see is not always what you get.

    1. It sometimes is a bit like working with a very old old version of Word.
      I also tend to experiment with plugins which makes the site slow, so I deleted unused ones this morning and the photos load much faster now.

  3. Did you see my question and all of the responses in Sparky about not being able to do pretty much anything with fonts in my WordPress? I switched to the ‘new’ format they offered several months ago and was able to do such things as centering, etc.

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