Summertime Christmas Season

It’s summer in the southern hemisphere, how joyous!

Who knew that there were so many shades of green?

The kale and the spinach is flourishing. The pool invites. Storm clouds bring on afternoon thunderstorms only to move on, revealing blue skies once again.

It may sound strange to those living in the northern hemisphere but this is the season that I associate with Christmas. The trees are being decorated, Christmas carols play on the radio, and yet it is sweltering outside.

The turkey will be stuffed and presents placed around the tree. The customary thunderstorm will in all likelihood bless Christmas Day.

Dads in full Santa Claus costume will hand out the presents, and complain of how hot it is in the heavy red coat and white beard.

The smells of braai’ing meat will waft in the evening breeze.

I will see the photos of snow and blizzards posted on Facebook by my friends and family in the north.

Despite the differences in the season, it is above all a time for family the world over.

That is what I am most looking forward to.

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