All I want for Christmas is…

The “Plaas en Dorp” (“Farm and Town”) newsletter was dropped in our mailbox this week advertising Friday’s night market to be held in Heidelberg, a small town about 30 kms from where we live.

It is written mostly in Afrikaans and one article caught my eye. Titled “Mevrou se Wens Lys…” (The Lady’s Wishlist”), it is a list for the ladies to mark and leave lying around the house for the gents to find. All he needs to do is take note of the selection and surprise his lady.

Here is the list:

  • A necklace
  • A pendant
  • A bed side lamp
  • Diamond earrings
  • White gold necklace
  • White gold bangle
  • Big red handbag
  • Black south sea pearls
  • A Michel Herbelin watch
  • A house by the sea
  • A Greek island holiday
  • A small pack of tissues
  • A big surprise
  • A Greek island
  • I will be happy to get anything
  • Diamond ring
  • Another diamond ring
  • Any ring with a diamond
  • Any watch
  • A hanger with my name on
  • An antique chair
  • A glass cake dome
  • Just the diamond – you can get the ring I choose later
  • A blue Porsche
  • Just a 1 carat diamond
  • Ok, a 2 carat diamond
  • You know I want a 3 carat diamond
  • Your wallet for a day

I have not yet ventured to the malls to get Christmas presents. At some point this month I will need to. Perhaps I should leave a list such as this one lying around so that I do not have to agonise over what to buy for my family.

I wonder if anyone would like a blue Porsche…

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