Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge 2014 #15: Labyrinth

Sign for Reception and Deliveries at the Transcendental Meditation Centre in Champagne Castle in the Drakensberg.

Where’s reception?

Sign pointing the way to the 12 ring labyrinth in the Magaliesberg Mountains.

This way to the labyrinth

The labyrinth – it does not look like much due to the angle of the photo but I spent a good 2 hours walking to the centre and back out again.

And here’s the labyrinth

In response to Cee’s Which Way Challenge 2014 #15. Click here for more entries in this week’s challenge.


3 thoughts on “Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge 2014 #15: Labyrinth”

    1. Thank you Cee :-). I’ve been waiting for the right time to post the labyrinth pics and this seemed the perfect one.

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