Overload Alert: Apps

Daily writing prompt: Overload alert. “Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” — Gertrude Stein. Do you agree?

Common sense? What about sanity?

I arrived at work a bit late after traffic backed up on the M1 for no reason whatsoever. I had already been through overnight emails before getting on the road, along with traffic reports on Twitter.

Despite that 400 emails greeted me when I got to work. Many were newsletters which I moved to the “Newsletters” folder, unread. I know that I will not be reading them anytime soon. So why subscribe you ask?  Because I’m afraid of missing out. Makes sense right? Not!

Then I opened those emails addressed exclusively to me. Any email that I am copied in on is dealt with last, if at all. So if you want my attention you know what to do.

Then the 30 minute meetings started, much like 5 minute noodles – quick and not all together filling. Why do I have them, you ask? Because it’s better to start the conversation rather than lose the moment if scheduled for 3 weeks hence.

My iPad is a lifesaver, it goes with me wherever I go. It’s a true productivity maximiser in my personal and professional life.

I try out lots of apps, and these are the ones which contribute to common sense and sanity in my life:

  1. Shop Shop for iPhone – as I remember I add items to the lists I have created, from Groceries to Christmas presents.
  2. WordPress for responding to comments on the go.
  3. Kindle for reading and keeping reference material.
  4. iThoughts HD mind mapping keeps things nice and visual.
  5. Trello for organising work and collaborating with colleagues.
  6. My banking app which is simply awesome; everything in one place.

I use the native email, calendar and notes apps which synchronise nicely with my work stuff.

Which apps and or techniques help you keep your sanity and common sense?

(Featured image courtesy of Graphic Stock)