Deal Breaker!

Annoyingly the power went off at about 4pm yesterday and came back on this afternoon. Almost 24 hours out.

The call centre said that they were doing maintenance. I didn’t believe  them, because not even in South Africa do the municipalities effect maintenence during the week at the time when everyone is trying to get kids bathed and dinner on the go.

I phoned my neighbour who works for the municipality. That’s when I discovered that the  substation serving our block suffered a malfunction. Strangely, the street lights weren’t affected. We went to bed last night hoping that this morning the power would be on…alas, coffee was made on the little hiking gas stove. Despite that it turned out yummy.

I don’t mind the candle light or cooking like I’m on a camping trip. That’s rather fun. The lack of hot water for bathing however is a deal breaker for me. This alone can make me very grumpy as Che can attest to. I packed this morning in preparation to shower at the gym on my way home.

Thank you Ekurhuleni Municipality, for giving me something to write about tonight. And thank you for fixing things so speedily. I am not grumpy tonight.

4 thoughts on “Deal Breaker!”

  1. The bath issue would for sure be a deal breaker. Was in a house of girls in grad school when the heater went out. Had to take cold showers for a day or so…and it wasn’t summertime!

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