10 point day

Writing prompt - describe your day with 10 bullet points
  • Traffic was light this morning
  • Had back-to-back meetings for most of the day
  • Re-connected with an ex-team member
  • Browsed Kelly Moore camera bags
  • Lunch at my desk
  • Home at 8pm
  • Did a post on my photo blog
  • Made frittata for dinner
  • Watched 2 episodes of Bones season 9
  • It is now 11h47pm and I’m trying to get this post in before midnight!

6 thoughts on “10 point day”

  1. Glad the traffic was light and you were able to see an ex-team member. The back to back stuff? Whew! Hope you slept well.

    1. Now therein lies a challenge. The day would’ve been the same, the way I’d frame it would be different. Something like: “a day like most others, blessed with friendships, opportunities and a late night.” Hmmm…I rather like it.

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