It’s been tough this week. I haven’t felt inspired to write anything useful. I feel mentally tired. There’s so much information to process on a daily basis, constant context switches that I start many things and finish none by the end of the day. I work for an organisation that does its business in meetings. A typical day will include 4 or 5 meetings. On the bad days there will be back-to-back meetings from the time I arrive to the time I leave. I have to book time out in my calendar to eat lunch. Often I get double and triple booked in the same time slot, then I choose which meeting I need to attend and which ones I really don’t need to attend. If I need to be there I ask the organiser to move it to another slot. I sometimes escape to the relative peace of a meeting room to focus on a piece of work. I eventually get to everything. I have a great team who are self-organised. They are simply amazing. When I get home I need peace and quiet. Silence is what I crave right now.