No blogging tonight The Blacklist is on!

Yip, no blogging tonight! The Blacklist is about to come on. In SA it’s on Tuesdays, in the US it’s on Mondays.

We’re quite far behind the US at the moment – it’s always like that – we get the series long after it’s premiered in the States. We’re on episode 10 (Anslo Garrick – No. 16, part 2). Last night episode 17  (Ivan – No.88) aired in the US.

I am resisting the temptation of just downloading the whole series up to the most recent episode and watching it in a back-to-back squared-eyed Blacklist-fest.

This serialised-procedural (can I say that?) has gripped me. Intriguing. And there’s going be be a series 2! Yayness!

Love it, just love it!

See you tomorrow!