Family Activities in Las Vegas

I’m very excited to bring you this guest post by travel expert Kendra Thornton. She’s also a TV spokesperson, PR businesswoman, proud  wife and Mom of 3. Follow Kendra on Twitter @KendraThornton.

Family Activities in Las Vegas

It can be hard for me to put into words how much I enjoy visiting Las Vegas with my husband and children. We have been visiting this tremendous city for more than 10 years, and we love it.

Tiger Golf

Every Saturday morning, my husband loves to golf with his buddies. Therefore, we decided to head over to the Butch Harmon School of Golf. The former swing trainer of Tiger Woods runs this facility. Staff, which includes Butch Harmon, provides practical tips in how to improve at the game. One time, we decided to stay at Caesars Palace. It was so nice, since we had transportation to and from the facility.

Muse at Museums

Museums have always intrigued our family. We have always made it a point to visit museums of the community. Our children have always liked attending the Discovery Children’s Museum. My husband’s favorite is the National Atomic Testing Museum, which is located about an hour outside of town. My favorite museum to visit is the Neon Museum.

Tours in Pink

Part of the thrill of going to Las Vegas is taking a tour of the town. I recently heard about tours that are given in a pink Jeep. It was fun to see Las Vegas and the surrounding area. Our tour began with a pink Jeep picking up our family at the hotel lobby. Our tour guide was fun and quite informative. The tour ended way too soon, and we decided to go on another pink tour in order to learn more about the surroundings.

Dolphin Adventure

At one point in my life, I seriously considered becoming a marine biologist. Although it never happened, I got the chance to experience some similar work with training dolphins at the Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Habitat. I got some excellent training tips and instruction from animal experts. It was an honor to see these magnificent creatures in a natural environment, even though the facility itself is miles away from an ocean. When the class ended, I felt like I was a marine biologist.

Las Vegas always has new things for families and couples too. With so many things to do and hotels on the Vegas strip, each experience can be different than the last. Sites like Gogobot really help in planning your trip as you can read user reviews so you can feel more comfortable with what you will be getting into. Visiting this town does not get old for us. It is an annual family trip that we like each year.

My favourite things to do in Swakopmund

Namibia is one of my all time favourite places to visit. I spent many happy years traveling back and forth for work. It didn’t seem like work to me – it was a pleasure and a privilege to travel to that beautiful country. In my spare time, I did get to see a bit of the country.

Windhoek-Swakopmund Roadtrip

The changing scenery on the road from Windhoek to to Swakopmund
The changing scenery on the road from Windhoek to to Swakopmund

The coastal town, Swakopmund, is about 261kms (162 miles) from the capital Windhoek. Off course you can fly to Swakopmund, but then you’ll miss the sheer beauty and stark scenery change from bushveld to rolling sand dunes, all in the space of 3 hours. Rent a car at the Hosea Kutako International Airport and make the trip – the roads are good, and there are 2 towns in between Karibib and Usakos where you can stop and get refreshments. This road trip itself is an event to savour. Put on your favorite music and enjoy the drive.

Cafe Anton

Legendary coffee shop, Cafe Anton, sublime coffee and delicious German cakes and pastries
Legendary coffee shop, Cafe Anton, sublime coffee and delicious German cakes and pastries

This coffee shop is legendary and any visit to this quaint desert town on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean is not complete without a visit to this warm and cozy German bakery. The coffee is sublime. The home-made cakes and pastries made from traditional German family recipes are mouthwateringly good! Cafe Anton is part of the Hotel Schweizerhaus. Sit on the patio and look over the palm trees at the rolling Atlantic waves, and if you happen to be there at sunset, be prepared for a wonderful experience.


Zipping down sand dunes on a piece of masonite is thrilling. Alter-action are one of the many adventure providers in town. In addition to the masonite boards, they introduced snowboards to skim down the dunes. You can choose how you want to do it – masonite or snowboard. I chose the masonite, the snowboard just looked too daunting for me. There are about 6 routes to skim down, and you move from one to the next. Off course, the fun part is going down – because to go down again you have to climb up the soft sand dunes. This operator provides water, and at the end a light lunch. They also take photos and video as a memento of your experience. Remember your sunblock and hat.

Die Muschel

Fairy cakes at Die Muschel served with style
Fairy cakes at Die Muschel served with style

This is a bookshop with a coffee shop on the patio outside. Let me get this out of the way – the coffee is sublime, and the home made cupcakes divine, served in style with folded napkin and little silver fork. Now to the rest. It’s a book shop and an art gallery too. Browse through the english and german books, and admire the local art, for sale, on the walls. It’s in a cute little arcade in the centre of town, and is popular with locals and tourists.

The Beachfront

Swakopmund jetty over the rolling waves of the Atlantic, with the Tiger Reef Bar in the distance, and the dunes of the Namib desert just behind it
Swakopmund jetty over the rolling waves of the Atlantic, with the Tiger Reef Bar in the distance, and the dunes of the Namib desert just behind it

This is not one specific place – it is actually a walk you can take, along the beach or on the paved palm-fronded promenade. Start at The Mole, the sea-wall originally intended to be a harbour, but now protecting the beach. Admire the beautiful bungalows and double storied beach houses, until you get to the restored jetty. If you feel hungry, try the restaurant at the end of the jetty and enjoy spectacular views of the town, the sea and the desert. while enjoying sushi, tapas or seafood  Or you can lunch at The Tug, the boat shaped restaurant,in front of the jetty. Continue along the beach until you get to the National Marine Aquarium. After visiting the Aquarium, walk along the beach to finish the day off with sundowners at the Tiger Reef Beach Bar while watching intrepid kite surfers ride the strong wind and sea currents.

Swakopmund is a friendly town which offers so much more than that mentioned above. Visit sites like Trip Advisor, for more information. It’s a popular tourist spot, with natural, cultural and heritage sights to visit, and activities to do for anyone and everyone.