Kind of, like, I mean, you know…?

I love language!

Mobile technologies like SMS, BBM, email, and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, have spawned a new language. The purists are up in arms about it. I think it’s the evolution of the English language.

Without evolving a language will die out. The world is quickly being divided into those who keep up with new trends in the language, and those who don’t. Kind of like those who speak new English, and those who speak old English…I mean, who speaks like Shakespeare these days?

If you haven’t already been there, make your way to Urban Dictionary, the dictionary written by everyone. Kind of like the Wikipedia for dictionaries. Kinda…

Each day, towards the end of the day, I get my daily word. And each day I’m gobsmacked at it. I mean who comes up with these words? Much less who uses these words. Depending on your frame, you may see some as downright rude.

When I was at university, the use of colloquial language in papers was frowned upon. Yet it’s these colloquialisms that eventually become part of mainstream language, used by everyone, students and university lecturers alike.

It’s these newly developed (invented may be a better description) words that are evolving the language and keeping it alive and relevant.

Did I say already that I love language?