Blogger’s block


Writer’s block tip – keep an idea book


For a long while I haven’t had anything to write about even though the desire has been there to express something. Not wanting to become a self-absorbed blogger, and wanting to write stuff that others actually search for and read, led me on a path of searching for blog topic ideas and random blog topic generators.

I played around with a few random blog generators and the topics that come up are quite random and simply hilarious. The process of searching for inspiration has led to this post. I can safely say that for today, the desired outcome has been achieved.

Here’s a list of random blog topics from Generator Land – what shall I write about next :-)?

#1 – 6 things I love about vanilla extract

#2 – 8 things I love about cat treats

#3 – What’s better than laundry detergent?

#4 – I want to learn more about The Cranberries

#5 – Some thoughts on bathing

#6 – The future of olive oil

#7 – I wanted to learn more about sleeping

Hmmm…food for thought…


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