Things I found in the veld

The other day I went for a walk in the veld, bush actually. I found some very interesting things, not the kind of things one would normally find in the veld. The fact that they are in the middle of a camping resort construction site didn’t make it any less bizarre.

I recently bought a really nice camera, my first serious one, and I’ve been having fun, learning…my husband has nicknamed me Paparazzi because it is always with me and I snap away. I love snapping people when they are not posed, when they are at their most relaxed and natural. I love photographing children, they are such gratifying subjects.
I have yet to find a child who does not like being photographed. Cameras are such a ubiquitous part of our existence, phone cameras being the de-facto point and click devices, that most people are used to being snapped. I read that the traditional point and click market is diminishing due to mobile phones having such good cameras. And they have the added benefit of immediate sharing.
Anyway, below are the bizarre things that I found when I went for a walk in the veld.
Loos, all in a neat row, the pipes all connected. Not much privacy at the moment. These stalls are going to be very narrow!

Someone’s shoe and piece of clothing. The huge pile of hay makes for a great place to take a snooze after lunch…(yes, a snooze, not what you’re thinking!)

A cast-iron pot…! Really?

Now this had me confuddled…team-building thingy-madjig thing probably. Or target shooting…?

There’s a kudu in that picture, right in the middle, hidden by the veld, LOL! Seriously, there was, I saw him.

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