The end of the sticky tape

Christmas present wrapping normally presents with some interesting problems. Like wrapping irregular shaped presents, and being left over with pieces of paper that fit no present and can’t be used for much.

And what about those big presents that need more than 1 roll to wrap and you don’t have matching paper (for those OCD types this must pose quite a conundrum). And running out of paper on Christmas Eve must count as one of the worse things ever! Oh…and what about running out of sticky tape?

But the one faced yesterday in a certain Knysna household involved the end of the sticky tape. Like, where is it…?

A certain Granny Greene comes into the dining room at 1am and the following is what transpired. Jethro Tull is blaring in the background so the voices are slightly raised.

Granny Greene: I’m going to call it a day, because I’m p&%$ off. My eyes are tired, I can’t see properly anymore and I can’t find the end of the sticky tape.

My husband: I think that’s the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard.

Sister-in-law: We’ve got no trouble finding our end, we’re holding up our end of the bargain. (holds up the roll with the end sticking up).

Granny Greene: Well I’ve lost it, I’m like the lost lambs.

My husband: I’m reconsidering going to Mass on Christmas Day with you because you’re a bad influence.

Granny Greene: I dropped the tape on the carpet and it got stuck on the carpet. I can’t find the f&%$ end.

My husband: Oh well, now you tell us you dropped it on the carpet. Then it should be obvious which is the end – it’s the furry end.

Granny Greene: Next year I’m going to give money, you can all get your own and wrap them.

My husband: Here’s the queue…(pointing behind him).

The following morning Granny Greene announced that she was the last to finish wrapping presents.

So here are 5 awesome tips to prevent losing the end of the sticky tape…and your mind:

  • Go Mythbusters and use duct-tape.
  • Use green Pick and Pay bags.
  • Don’t wrap presents.
  • Give money.
  • Try not to wrap presents at 1am.

It was all tears-running-down-the-face funny.

Trust me.

Ok, maybe you had to be there 🙂

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