Journey of a 10c coin

This is a true story. No fabrication or dramatisation. In order to protect the innocent…and the naughty, the dad shall be referred to as “Daddy” and the son shall be referred to as “The 3yr old”.

The 3yr old was playing with a 10c coin, throwing it around. It landed in a corner. He ran to find it. He turns around looking at Daddy.

The 3yr old: “It’s gone Daddy.”

Daddy: “What’s gone?”

The 3yr old:” The coin Daddy.”

Daddy: “Where did you put it?”

The 3yr old opens his mouth.

Daddy: “Where’s it?”

The 3yr old: “In my tummy Daddy.”

Daddy: “You swallowed it?”

The 3yr old: “Yes Daddy. It’s gone.”

Daddy’s face: “??..!!!???!!???…”

Needless to say, Mommy and Daddy had to clean 2 sets of undies during the early hours of the morning as the coin wanted out!

LOL :-)!

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