Cake wrecks

Have you ever wondered what happens when cake decorating goes wrong? And have you ever wondered what happens to those cakes? Well, some actually get bought, if only for the novelty and laugh value. I would buy one just for a laugh, to see the looks on my guests’ faces when as I bring it out.

I came across this hilarious site called Cake Wrecks about …cake wrecks. You simply have to go for a visit. I laughed so much at some of the exhibits that tears were streaming down my face, holding my tummy with my head in my arms (hope this mental image inspires you to go there).

And no, I am not getting paid to write this, I don’t know the owner of the site and they don’t know me LOL :-).

If I ever had to decorate a cake, I would probably not do much better… although if I got a message to ice on the cake like the one below I would try to phone the person to confirm the message first.

Someone phoned the bakery and dictated a message over the phone. I suppose that all they wanted to be written on the cake was “Happy Birthday” with balloons and other such decor. Of course, they must have said “…with balloons and crap like that on it” and that’s exactly what was written on the cake!

What would you do if the expensive cake you ordered came like that? I would serve it, just for a laugh! And next time I ordered a cake I would probably draw the baker a picture of what I wanted on it LOL :-).


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