Seriously looking for some motivation, I came across Corbett Barr’s blog. One of his posts shook me out of this state “Need Some Motivation Right Now? Read This IMMEDIATELY” – I suggest that if you need some motivation right now then you should read his post IMMEDIATELY!

The World Is Your Oyster

This well known idiom is used to tell someone that they can achieve anything they want, they have the abilities and talents to succeed at whatever they want. If the world is your oyster then you are the pearl. More than being able to achieve anything, it also implies that you are beautiful, flawless, and unique.

Driver’s Rapport

There is something interesting that happens when one drives a different type of car. There aren’t many on the road. Whenever drivers of such cars meet at traffic lights, stop streets or freeways, there’s usually a wave, a hoot or a flashing of lights that happens. Just this morning, at a traffic light, it happened again, and I drove home with a smile on my face.


It is not easy to start something, that first step to committing. Once started, things flow and one wonders why it took so long to start in the first place. Sometimes it is best to dive in, head first. And to keep in mind that 80% of something is better that 20% of everything.


I have searched for it and found that it doesn’t exist. I am just aiming to be myself (hmmm…I think this is not the first time this theme has crept into one of my posts. Looks like I will dedicate a full post to it…).