What guys want


That’s what guys want!

No matter how many tools they already have!

They want more!

One drill for the garage. Another drill for the workshop. And yet another drill just in case.

I have watched with some dismay, the guys in my family unwrap 1 drill and then another drill at christmas time, and drool lovingly over both.

I went into Builders Warehouse the other day to see what the fuss was all about. And found myself lost amongst the toolkits. There are so many. Some include precision screw drivers. Others have different types of pliers. Some others have shifting spanners. I just love the mini tool kits, where all the tools are smaller in size than the normal ones. So cute!

And the colours! All those bright translucent plastic encased handles.

And the packaging. Some have handles. Others beautiful see-through lids. Each tool fitting neatly into their foam rubber housing, like a jigsaw puzzle. I wanted to buy them all.

I eventualy walked out with my own tool box. And a whole lot of tools to put in it. You never know when I might need them.

And I also bought a drill…

When I got home with my booty my husband asked me why I had bought a drill. After all he has 3 and I could borrow them anytime. “Well,” I said’  “you never know, I might need to drill something when you are out and I don’t know where your drills are.”

What do I want for christmas? Tools!

I need another kit for my bike. And a set of precision screwdrivers for the office. And a Swiss Army knife for my handbag. Oh wait…I already have that. But one can never have enough Swiss Army knives. One for each hand bag that I have.

Oh, and I also want to get one of those tool belts so that I don’t have to climb up and down the ladder. And also one of those steel capped safety boots.

I get it guys, I get it…

To my guy readers, how many drills and toolkits do you have?
To my girl readers, do you also have your own tool box? And how about power tools?


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