What do you call the future? Interesting question my husband posed this afternoon. His BBM read “Aki talking to David O’ Sullivan, using WiFi from a Mango flight. Will cost R50 for one way and R90 all day.”

He then went on to say “The future is here. So now what do we call the future?”

I must admit that I read the message navigating Rivonia Road traffic. Ok, I know I should not be reading BBMs in the traffic but I can’t resist the tinny ping of a BBM message :-). It also confused me. I mean, the present is the past and the future at the same time because time passes. So why do we have to call the future anything? It is the now isn’t it? There is only the now.

Seen in the context of the Mango message, I realised what he meant.

So, I responded that the future doesn’t end. Nothing does. Everything is infinite. Ok, this is not a philosophical discussion.

My clever husband then settled on a wonderful name for the future – Outfinite! How gorgeous is that? A never-ending cycle of thinking outside the box gives us infinite possibilities. Infinite progress. Infinite opportunities for change.  Outfinite!

So the future is called Outfinite!

How cool is that :-)?

Photos: Sunset in Fisherman’s Wharf

I love sunsets and photograph them whenever I can. This series of pictures shows the subtle gradual changing of light of a winter sunset in San Francisco. The location is that most wonderful of places, Fisherman’s Wharf. I love San Francisco, and I loved the constant bustle of the Wharf. The evening was very still on the water, which belied the activity on the land.

Aliotto's restaurant
Restaurants at Fisherman's Wharf


Boats on the water


Boats and a sunset in San Francisco
Stillness and light


Gradual sunset
Light and stillness on the water

It was a wonderful day which gently merged into a magical evening. The smells, sights and sounds still resonate in my memory.


10 things every woman should know

  1. Sunscreen really does work – don’t wait to see what the effects of not wearing it is – by then it is too late.
  2. When your guy says you look gorgeous – believe him, accept it and say Thank You. That’s all!
  3. Most guys I know really prefer full-bodied women (gobsmacked when I discovered this!)…
  4. Ageing is a belief system – if you buy into this… guess what…?
  5. Steer clear of women’s magazines – you know why.
  6. A size 8 at Woolworths is bigger than a size 8 at Edgars.
  7. Walk into any room as though you own it – because you do.
  8. The first choice you make is usually the right choice.
  9. Women’s intuition really does exist – you know it does, so use it.
  10. Be yourself.
  11. Women actually do run the world – accept it!

So there are 11. So what?