Naughty corner

My 3 year old nephew is naughty. Off course, he is a boy, and he’s just behaving like one. Much to the exasperation of his parents and grandparents. As a result, he is intimately acquainted with the “naughty corner”.

So much so, that being sent to the “naughty corner” no longer fazes him. Don’t get me wrong…he hates the place, being ignored and not allowed to play with his toys. He invariably tries to make the customary get-away but his parents are way faster than him.

For someone so young, he already has a reputation in the family as taking after my Dad, his Grandpa. My Dad has a reputation in the family as having being a terror when he was a kid. Even now, 60 years later, his  antics are still recounted at family gatherings. Grandpa and grandson have a great rapport, not surprising.

I happened to chat with a collegue today whose son is 2 years old. I asked her if he had a “naughty corner”. She said that he has a “get-good corner”. I love the positive spin on this. If one sends a toddler to the “naughty corner” he is boxed into being naughty, and he eventually stops taking it seriously and carries on being naughty. But if one sends a toddler to the “get-good corner”, it gives him or her something to aspire to and has more of a learning connotation.

I know someone who was hoping that his wife was pregnant with a girl, because he says that girls are easy. I think I agree with him. Well, guess what…he’s having a boy. He has my sympathies. He should consider implementing the “get-good corner”.

I love my nephew, and quite happy to be the cool aunt. Next time I babysit him, I’m going to try the “get-good corner” concept. I want to remain the cool aunt.

Playboy bunnies and shoes

Sometime last year there was a huge billboard on the M1 close to Melrose Arch. It was for the new Playboy club and it had the photo of a voluptious Playboy bunny…facing the freeway. I am still amazed that there were no accidents on that stretch. The billboard really caught the attention. I cannot imagine any guy not to resist looking at it, and looking at it, and looking at it, eyes off the road.In any event, the billboard was up for just a few months and was replaced by another one, less dangerous to motorists.

A few months later, another billboard went up, in roughly the same area, but across the freeway from Melrose Arch. It was for Nine West. And it featured the most beautiful platform sandals. I could not keep my eyes off this billboard. The effect on any woman must have been like the Playboy billboard was to guys. It certainly was for me. I had to concentrate to keep my eyes on the road. I eventually bought the shoes.

Both billboards were successful I am sure. And I am certain that the startling shock factor of each was a well thought out strategy by the ad agency. It certainly worked for me. I wonder how many visits or memberships they got to the Playboy club with the other one? They got it just right. Put a scantily clad woman on a billboard to sell to most guys. Put a pair of shoes on a billboard to sell to most women. It works.

One man’s Playboy bunny is another woman’s shoes.

Blogging crisis

I’ve hit a blogging crisis! Aaargh… I enjoy writing but do people enjoy reading my writings?  Does my blog have relevance? Will I get return visits? Will my readers subscribe to it? I know I’m probably not the first blogger to wonder about this.

At the moment I have my friends coming by to read my posts (thank you :-)), and some are people that have found my blog via Google. This is very exciting.

When I started blogging I was asked what kind of blog is mine? At the time I had done a few posts on India. But to sustain a travel blog would not be realistic because I don’t travel as much as I would want to. Not like this guy, Johnny Vagabond. So, mine was not a travel blog. I also researched the winning blogs of the South African Blog Awards. Here I found different categories, like Science and Technology blogs, Food and Wine blogs, and Fashion Blogs. But I was sadly dismayed to find that there isn’t a “Personal” blog category section. Because my blog is mainly a personal blog.

As I was trawling through the web these past few days (that’s where I’ve been, in cyberspace), I found Squidoo. It’s an online content publishing platform. You can literally build a page in minutes. These pages are called “lenses”. There are a variety of types of “lenses”. One of my favourite “lenses” is one on how to knit socks. They look so beautiful. No, I’m not about to start knitting socks, but I am fascinated at the range of information and patterns in this “lens” about knitting socks, the tools needed to knit socks, and the different methods of knitting socks, to name but a few of the posts in this “lens”. Who would have thought this topic to have such wide applicability and information.

I guess there are blogs for all tastes and interests. I trust that I will find more readers that will keep coming back for more. And tell their friends about it too. I must just keep writing.

The week

This week went by quickly. Thinking back on the past 5 days, the one thing stands out as a daily occurence was traffic. I spent about 10 hours in traffic this past week. I wish we had a decent and safe public transport system.

On Tuesday I had a wonderful dinner with friends at Delhi Dharbar in Parkmore. The food was yummy, and I came home with take-away Gulab Jamun (remember this most delectable of Indian sweet I wrote about some time ago?). I had it for breakfast the next day 🙂

On Wednesday I stayed over at my sister’s house because I had a 7h30 seminar in Paulshof. I spent more time traveling the 10kms from Fourways to Paulshof than it would have taken me the 40kms from Alberton to Paulshof. The flip-side is that I had a wonderful evening with my sister and niece.

My uncle in Portugal who is 82 years old had a surgical procedure. He is quite frail and we are all a bit worried, more so because he is so far away. But he has a fighting spirit, so maybe we shouldn’t be so worried.

This was also the week that the Kilimanjaro booking was made. So it’s on for September. Now the hard training starts. A colleague said to me, “Get a backpack, put 10 kilos in it and just go walking.” Eish! It’s all of a sudden become real and I am s**t scared. You cannot imagine how I have vacillated in the last 2 weeks, “Do I?”, “Do I cancel…?”. I will be blogging about my training and climb.

This weekend – shopping with my friend, bike riding and rest.

How was your week What are you up to this weekend?

10 songs that move me

These songs literally move me in some way or another. An emotional charge runs through me, a resonance that puts me in a particular mood. I have been in traffic, in the morning, and if one of these songs comes on the radio, my whole day is made. I sing along, or move, and end up bouncing into the office. It’s undefinable, it’s not about the lyrics, it’s more about the melodies, so it’s primarily an auditory anchor that leads to a kinaesthetic response.

So these are the songs:

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen – The ultimate classic.
  2. One – U2 – Wow! This one takes me by surprise every time.
  3. Hotel California – The Eagles – Another classic. I saw them perform this live last month. I prefer the Hell Freezes Over extended version.
  4. Africa – Toto – I have this song on repeat on my iPod.
  5. Natural Woman – Aretha Franklin – Not an easy song to sing, I tried. She makes it seem so easy! She’s just so awesome!
  6. Drops of Jupiter – Train – I love the lyrics, India was a “soul vacation” for me 🙂
  7. I’m a Believer – Smash Mouth – This is The Shrek version – need I say more? If you don’t want to get up and sing and dance to this song then I don’t know…
  8. Angels – Robbie Williams – Makes me wanna cry…
  9. We are the Champions – Queen – Came over the loudspeakers whenever the French national team won a match in World Cup 1998. That’s why they won. An idea of midfielder Emmanuel Petit who scored the 3rd and final goal in the finals.
  10. Losing my Religion – R.E.M. – Another one that takes me by surprise and I end up singing at the top of my voice.
  11. Baker Street – Gerry Rafferty – This one almost made me buy a saxophone!
  12. Ten Thousand Angels Cried – Leann Rimes – astoundingly beautiful song!

This time there are 12 🙂

What songs move you? Drop me a comment.