Playboy bunnies and shoes

Sometime last year there was a huge billboard on the M1 close to Melrose Arch. It was for the new Playboy club and it had the photo of a voluptious Playboy bunny…facing the freeway. I am still amazed that there were no accidents on that stretch. The billboard really caught the attention. I cannot imagine any guy not to resist looking at it, and looking at it, and looking at it, eyes off the road.In any event, the billboard was up for just a few months and was replaced by another one, less dangerous to motorists.

A few months later, another billboard went up, in roughly the same area, but across the freeway from Melrose Arch. It was for Nine West. And it featured the most beautiful platform sandals. I could not keep my eyes off this billboard. The effect on any woman must have been like the Playboy billboard was to guys. It certainly was for me. I had to concentrate to keep my eyes on the road. I eventually bought the shoes.

Both billboards were successful I am sure. And I am certain that the startling shock factor of each was a well thought out strategy by the ad agency. It certainly worked for me. I wonder how many visits or memberships they got to the Playboy club with the other one? They got it just right. Put a scantily clad woman on a billboard to sell to most guys. Put a pair of shoes on a billboard to sell to most women. It works.

One man’s Playboy bunny is another woman’s shoes.

2 thoughts on “Playboy bunnies and shoes”

  1. This post really got me thinking, whether i too am influenced by billboards or tv adds and, no, i am not… i can only recall wanting to buy some washing machine soap that really seemed to work!!! No, it washed just like any other… hahaha… but YES, some will make me look and look and look again.
    I love your blog Gig, its my night read before i go off fb and pick up my book, so thank you, don’t stop….xxx

    1. Thanks Prima 🙂 I’m glad you enjoying it. Advertisers are very clever, we have to be on our guard otherwise end up buying stuff we don’t need. I also bought a household cleaner that promised to clean best and make the coffee (lol) and it sat in the cupboard for years before I threw it out…

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