Blogging crisis

I’ve hit a blogging crisis! Aaargh… I enjoy writing but do people enjoy reading my writings?  Does my blog have relevance? Will I get return visits? Will my readers subscribe to it? I know I’m probably not the first blogger to wonder about this.

At the moment I have my friends coming by to read my posts (thank you :-)), and some are people that have found my blog via Google. This is very exciting.

When I started blogging I was asked what kind of blog is mine? At the time I had done a few posts on India. But to sustain a travel blog would not be realistic because I don’t travel as much as I would want to. Not like this guy, Johnny Vagabond. So, mine was not a travel blog. I also researched the winning blogs of the South African Blog Awards. Here I found different categories, like Science and Technology blogs, Food and Wine blogs, and Fashion Blogs. But I was sadly dismayed to find that there isn’t a “Personal” blog category section. Because my blog is mainly a personal blog.

As I was trawling through the web these past few days (that’s where I’ve been, in cyberspace), I found Squidoo. It’s an online content publishing platform. You can literally build a page in minutes. These pages are called “lenses”. There are a variety of types of “lenses”. One of my favourite “lenses” is one on how to knit socks. They look so beautiful. No, I’m not about to start knitting socks, but I am fascinated at the range of information and patterns in this “lens” about knitting socks, the tools needed to knit socks, and the different methods of knitting socks, to name but a few of the posts in this “lens”. Who would have thought this topic to have such wide applicability and information.

I guess there are blogs for all tastes and interests. I trust that I will find more readers that will keep coming back for more. And tell their friends about it too. I must just keep writing.

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