10 things every woman should know

  1. Sunscreen really does work – don’t wait to see what the effects of not wearing it is – by then it is too late.
  2. When your guy says you look gorgeous – believe him, accept it and say Thank You. That’s all!
  3. Most guys I know really prefer full-bodied women (gobsmacked when I discovered this!)…
  4. Ageing is a belief system – if you buy into this… guess what…?
  5. Steer clear of women’s magazines – you know why.
  6. A size 8 at Woolworths is bigger than a size 8 at Edgars.
  7. Walk into any room as though you own it – because you do.
  8. The first choice you make is usually the right choice.
  9. Women’s intuition really does exist – you know it does, so use it.
  10. Be yourself.
  11. Women actually do run the world – accept it!

So there are 11. So what?

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