Scary365 – Adventure Golf!

I did something scary today! At the outset it may not sound scary but it was. I played Adventure Golf at Brightwater Commons. On the East Rand it is still known as putt-putt. In the North it is Adventure Golf doll.

Admittedly I haven’t played putt-putt since I was a kid. This adventure stuff is interesting. I do, however, remember the course being brightly lit. Tonight, most of the holes didn’t have lights, so finding the hole proved to be challenging. Actually, FINDING the ball to get into the hole was challenging too. Somehow I don’t think that playing in the dark is part of the adventure. I mean what fun and adventure is there is not seeing the ball to begin with, never mind not knowing where the hole is. And for those that lost their balls into the vegetation, well…that was the end of the game for them.

The comments and banter were interesting too, not for the faint-hearted, I will not repeat it here for fear of losing readership. It was all innocent banter in the spirit of things. But take the 2 simple words, “hole” and “ball” and…ok, you get the idea.

So…scary it was. Not bright Brightwater Commons Adventure Golf, not bright at all!

PS: I suppose the stilettos didn’t help either!

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