The Genesis

Hyundai's new sports coupe, the Genesis
The Hyundai Genesis

You may have read my previous post about my VW beetle. After I sold my yellow submarine I bought my first Hyundai, the Elantra. After the Elantra I got the Tiburon. I’ve driven it for 7 years already and am reluctant to part with it in for another car. It is so beautiful, easy to drive and fast. That was until I saw the Hyundai Genesis when I was over in the States in November.

Originally I found out about the Genesis in 2010 even though it was already available in the States. I googled it and then checked the South African website. No mention of the Genesis coming to South Africa at all. I even emailed the manager of my local dealership. Importing was an option but I dismissed that once thoughts of paperwork, reserve bank permissions and customs considerations came to mind. I carried on driving my Tiburon in the hope that the Genesis would eventually make its way here.

Imagine my delight when walking through the Westfield Galleria in Roseville, California (during Black Friday shopping off course) when I came upon a Hyundai Genesis in real-life-form and gorgeous red colour! Black Friday shopping forgotten I snapped away with my camera and looked into the windows to see inside. Unfortunately, at 2am there were no salesmen around. My friend Tanya and I returned the following week, during the day, and this time I got to sit in it, feel it and smell it. How wonderful it was!

This week my husband showed me a newspaper article about the Genesis. I got very excited because if it’s in the local papers, then it means that it’s coming to South Africa. Once again I consulted my favourite reference work – google! And came across in4aride‘s blog. According to in4ride, Hyundai are looking at bringing it over but so far have not confirmed it. Let’s hope that they do more than look into it and actually make it available here. In the States it costs in the region of $24k. Here it will probably go for R300k.

With no certainty around whether it will be available here, and the possible price tag, importing is starting to look like a viable option after all. In the meantime I am still driving my beautiful and sexy Tiburon, waiting in anticipation of the arrival of the Genesis. I think I want a silver one…

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