The Neighbours Are Having A Party

The neighbours are having a party

their voices starting to sound hale and hearty,

Alcohol induced I have no doubt,

I hope they will not start to shout.

My quiet and serene Saturday night is out of the window,

I drown out the volume as their voices reach a crescendo.

All of a sudden it goes quiet!

The music and voices no more a riot!

Car engines start up, tyres squeal,

After the cacophony, the silence that follows feel surreal.


South Africa, My House, My Home – Proudly ZA!

Never mind the shadows over the nation after getting beaten by the Japanese at the rugby on Saturday. Just listen to eVOid’s Shadows and all will be right with the world.

If you’re younger than 40-ish you probably have no idea who eVoid is. Never mind – they are an 80s South African band. Their music is so evocative of Africa, South Africa in particular, that it stirs something deep within me each time I listen to it.

I grooved to eVoid on the way home today and it made the traffic bearable. This is when I don’t mind sitting in traffic because I simply don’t want the music to end. Oh, and the scary thing – I had this song on repeat! I’m weird that way!

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