Perfection Or Improvement?

The search

I’m in search of the perfect bag. Have been since high school. The search for that illusive bag that carries all that I need, not too bulky or heavy, where all items have their own neat slot thereby making each easily accessible. Who, in all seriousness, doesn’t want this bag?

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WordPress Weekly Photo: Shadow


The WordPress photo challenge this week is all about pics that include shadows, adding depth and interest to the photo.

The first pic is my favourite – it’s one of my Dad holding a bunch of thin reeds he found on a walk along a vlei (stream). In the shadow is my Dad, the reeds and me taking the photo.

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…to photograph it all

Oh what an amazing race life is. There are those that want to win at all costs, those that want to do the best they can, those that want to have fun regardless of the journey, and those that are there to photograph it all. I want to do the best I can, heighten my awareness to enjoy the journey and also to photograph it all.

Photo below taken at one the orientation activities on the GIBS Social Entrepreneurship Programme.


Hello Again

I’m posting early today because the rest of the day is going to be full of activity. I returned from Cape Town on Friday night. I worked most of yesterday preparing for a 2-day workshop on Monday and Tuesday.

Che and I made it to the gym 1-hour before closing time. It felt good though, working out the kinks of sitting for most of the day.

Today is braai day with the family – a family friend on a whole day transit from Mozambique to Stockholm is spending the day with us and we’re getting to meet his bride 🙂

Then I check in to an Airbnb close to the workshop venue and spend the evening going through my preparations for the next 2-days.

I do plan to blog tomorrow, even if it is a small note or photo I take.

Until then, have a great Sunday.



At The End Of The Day…

…when all is said and done I revel in the peace and solitude the setting of the sun brings…and immerse myself in the colours of nature’s palette.There is nothing more beautiful to me than a Johannesburg sunset.


Chief wide eyed in wanderer, wonderer and bottlewasher…sometimes…


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