WordPress Weekly Photo: Atop the Alameda Dom Afonso Henriques

When I was in Lisbon last year a friend took me to the Alameda. It has a breathtaking view. It was also where the reigning Euro 2016 champions – Portugal – were welcomed home. Força Portugal!



WordPress Weekly Photo: Atop

I never tire of looking down at my beautiful country, South Africa, when I fly. This is especially true when I do the Johannesburg to Cape Town route. I know all the small towns, lakes, dams and rivers.

©2017 Regina Martins

Many areas are experiencing drought conditions, so the changing scenery is dramatic. Taking off from Johannesburg’s airport, the OR Tambo International, the fields are green, the scenery lush. This area is a summer rainfall area and we’ve received an abundance of water. Our dams are full.

Flying over the central interior of the country, the lushness continues with the patchwork of the crop fields reminding me to be thankful for the rain because the farmers in the region are benefiting.

As we fly over the Karoo and Northern Cape it is naturally dry and brown – this is to be expected. Further on, where the vineyards and fertile fruit growing valleys of the Western Cape are supposed to be green and lush, they are instead dry and brown. The dams and lakes have receded to concerning levels because this area is experiencing a severe drought. This is a winter rainfall area but last winter not enough rain fell, so the picturesque shire-like valleys look barren and dry.

I took the photo above whilst flying from the Northern to the Western Cape regions. You can see the brown barrenness. I wish I had taken a photo of the lush Gauteng and Free State regions for you to see the difference.

This region is entering its rainfall season, and I hope that they get an abundant amount of water too.



WordPress Weekly Photo: Lisboa Wishing…

This week’s weekly photo theme is wish, and it’s apt for me at this time of the year, as I yearn to be back in Lisbon, wandering through it’s historical streets.


The Ultimate Happy List – Week 1

I’ve decided to start an ultimate happy list, reflecting on those things that are positive in my life and which I want to continuously attract.

So here goes, week 1 of my ultimate happy list…in no particular order, as it came to me as I was writing. There is also no specific number that I will post about each week…

1 – Waking up to coffee and toast with cheese on homemade bread every morning.

2 – Looking out over my back garden and loving the green grass and trees, vibrant from the drenching summer rains.

3 – Looking out at the trees in my front garden,  a riotously growing canopy of green.

4 – Growing our own spinach.

5 – Growing our own lettuce.

6 – Seeing the lush basil bush from which Che makes delicious pesto.

7 – Landing at my destination airport in anticipation of seeing new things.

8 – Landing back at OR Tambo International Airport, looking forward to being with Che again.

9 – Travelling light, taking only a small tote bag for my clothes and toiletries which fits snugly, with my laptop tote in the seat in front of me. No check-in luggage – yay!

10 – Working with a like-minded colleague, in tandem and complete synchronicity, on a syndicate assignment for business school.

11 – Reaching out to a friend in Namibia for advice on a business dilemma at 9pm at night and within minutes of describing it, she decoded it, decomposed it and gave me a completely new spin on it. Priceless!

The inspiration for this was a framed poster I saw at an airbnb I stayed at last week.


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